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George A. Quartuccio has made health care his life for 26 years, working with hospitals, physicians, and most importantly, with patients and their families. He is a licensed hearing aid specialist in the state of South Carolina (SC License # HAS-442) and a nationally certified occupational hearing conservationist by the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC # 75941).
George, who lives with his wife and three children in the Summerville, South Carolina area, is proud to operate his hearing aid center where he can focus on your hearing needs with the care and professionalism you deserve.
Trained in electronic engineering at City University in New York, George Quartuccio has been immersed in hearing care since 1988, gaining extensive experience in both the techniques and technology of testing and in the products that can help people hear better. Before opening his practice, he was senior technical services specialist for the Northeastern Technologies Group and Southeastern Regional Manager for Grason Stadler Inc. and Nicolet Biomedical, divisions of Viasys Health Care Inc., a premier medical electronics company that supplies hospitals and others with equipment for hearing testing and neurodiagnostics.
George is a member of the Summerville Rotary Club and believes in its motto, "Service Above Self." Through Rotary, he has helped coordinate and build bus shelters in the area and also wrote a grant to provide $4,000 of backpacks and school supplies to at-risk students at Beech Hill Elementary School.
George attributes his clinic’s success to being small and family-owned. He can spend more time with each patient than larger practices. He recently added his wife to the staff to assist patients with insurance and scheduling, allowing George more time to spend with patients. His personal goal is to provide patients with the perfect solution that will accommodate their hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. G A Q focuses on patient care, follow-up, and quality products. The clinic provides a pleasant experience in a comfortable and relaxed environment.
George is an engineer by training and is adept at fixing most hearing aids himself in the office. It doesn't matter where you bought your hearing aid, you are welcome to bring it to G A Q for repair. People like it when they come in and see that George is also a hearing aid user. Sometimes, he can find solutions others may not. Every patient fitted with a hearing aid is thoroughly tested with a real-ear measurement that measures the function and precision of the hearing aid INSIDE your ear. Most offices simply don't take the time to use real-ear measurements, but at G A Q,  these measurements are often the difference between success and failure.
One patient, who had been wearing hearing aids for 10 years recently came in for repairs. The patient confided that her hearing aids had not improved her hearing and thought she needed newer models. George performed real-ear measurements, and with these findings, reprogramed her devices. Now she hears better than ever and did not need to purchase new hearing aids. That experience shows how much difference a well-qualified hearing aid specialist can make in a person's life.
G A Q works with adults and provides home visits to qualified patients. G A Q offers a 75-day trial period and free batteries for the life of the hearing instrument because they believe in providing trial periods and equipment demonstrations for patients. Some people have lived with hearing loss for so long that they do not realize what they are missing. A demonstration allows new users to perceive value in the investment in hearing devices, which usually convinces patients to try a trial period and lead them to success.
Hearing health has changed significantly in the last 10 years and devices are smaller, less noticeable, and are a lot less occluded, which makes for a more natural listening experience. Feedback cancellation is much improved. If you had opened up the ear canal 10-15 years ago, sound would have escaped, and the hearing aid would whistle. Now, Bluetooth technology makes it possible for hearing aids to receive signals from wireless devices, which creates optimal hearing solutions.
George prides himself on keeping overhead low and passing the savings onto his customers. Patients and their families know they can stop by anytime for a cup of coffee or chocolates, and to pick up a fresh set of batteries.
Fitting hearing aids is the most enjoyable part of my job because you can see the change in someone’s life within a few hours. It is the best part of what we do. For our clients to come back with positive experiences and refer their friends and family is wonderful.
 —George A. Quartuccio
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